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Contained within these pages you will find a little information about me, R.L. Waterman, the freelance writer and aspiring author. Please feel free to explore my Blog for a few of my latest musings, or check out my Thoughts on Faith for a look into a few Bible passages that have impacted my life over the years.

You’ll also find a few writing samples here. I’m currently working on my first book, so if you’re interested in talking to me about what I’m working on please do get in touch.

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The Only Me There Will Ever Be

We had a guest speaker at Testwood Baptist Church today, Steve Thompson, an incredibly talented musician and gifted teacher. In a talk packed full of great stuff one line really stuck with me: ‘I am the only me there will ever be.’ It got me thinking. I am the only person ever to exist or that ever will exist with this precise combination of talents and abilities and gifting. I am the only person who will ever look exactly like this, who will ever match my completely unique fingerprint. I am the only person to live the exact life that I have lived, to walk the exact steps that I have walked, to share the exact love of chocolate that defines my waistline. There will only ever be one me. It’s easy to forget that in this world we live in. It’s so easy to feel like a very small person in a very large crowd, to feel that we don’t really have anything unique to offer to anyone. It’s easy to put aside our calling from God and say that it doesn’t really matter because if we don’t do it, someone else will. But just as you are unique, just as you were ‘knit together in your mother’s womb,’ and ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ (Psalm 139) so too is your specific calling from God unique. Granted, other people may have been called to the same ministry, perhaps even to minister to the same group of people, but when you combine your unique self with your unique calling you start to realise that there are things that only you...

Testwood Lakes – A Lesson in Peace and Tranquillity

This morning I wrapped up warm for a walk to the local nature reserve, nestled around three reservoirs that serve the area. The icy air bit at my cheeks leaving a rosy imprint, but it was worth the discomfort for the spectacle of nature on a frosty morning. The world was painted in pastel; every colour dimmed by a fine layer of crystallised ice, every leaf a masterpiece, every step a new photo opportunity (alas, I left my camera at home, my phone had to serve). A delicate mist crawled along the surface of water touched with a pale shade of pink as the sun reared its head above the treeline. Mud crunched underfoot as gravel and a tangled nest of brambles became a mysterious winter wonderland through which birds flitted, adding their melody to the beauty assailing the senses. I paused to speak to a gentleman from Hythe, awaiting repairs to his car. Together we marvelled at creation, daring mankind to build anything that could capture even a mite of the beauty of the morning. His parting comment, that this place at this time was a lesson in peace and tranquillity, struck a chord with my heart. Sometimes we need to stop and simply marvel at the world before our eyes....

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