A Year in the Life of Jack Meadows

The debut novel of R. L. Waterman, A Year in the Life of Jack Meadows, was published in 2017. You can pick up a copy today on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format.

Tom Mitchell has no job, no prospects, not even a place to call home, other than the Cornish cottage of his parents where he’s forced to scrounge from the bank of Mum & Dad. With his dreams in tatters, Tom has no idea that one ordinary morning walk will introduce him to a peculiar people who will change his life forever.

Through the course of one year, Tom finds himself re-evaluating everything he thought he knew, learning about friendship that spans generations, appreciating the beauty of the world and discovering that heroes and villains are as real as the race he’ll be forced to protect.


Praise for A Year in the Life of Jack Meadows:

A truly heartwarming read which captivates from the start with likeable characters, and a gripping story of courage, adventure and an entirely different world to the one we know. Highly recommend for those who like to escape reality through a good book.

What a wonderful story. I feel like I’ve been blessed with some of life’s little reminders of love, friendship, adventure and what’s really important in life. What an immersive story – really talented writing.

What a wonderful story of friendship, hope, joy and loss. I could hardly put this down as the story unfolded and I was drawn into the life and times of Jack and his adventures. The wonderfully descriptive writing paints a fabulous picture of the Cornish coastline and countryside, and Jack’s view of life with its twists and turns is delightful. I loved it.

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The Divide Book

The Divide

Piracy is rife in the waters of the warring Three Kingdoms, but a peace accord will quiet the unrest and unite the nations against a common foe, whose survival is anything but assured. The pirates will utilise any advantage in their seemingly hopeless cause, even an enslaved child with a magical gift. The Divide is a story highlighting the shades of grey in humanity, and the depths mankind will stoop to for wealth, or survival.

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