Author R. L. Waterman was born in 1986, and grew up in the coastal region of Cornwall in England. She loved to read and write from an early age, and although she specialised in technical areas at school and university, leaving the University of Bristol with a degree in computer science, she continued to love to create throughout those years of her life.

After realising that qualifying with a degree doesn’t give you any insight as to what to do with it, Rebecca secured a position as a business consultant. She stuck at it for two years, but the itch to write was growing, and so she handed in her notice and became her own boss, running a freelance writing and website design business.

Rebecca L Waterman - Author

During this time she started work on her debut novel, A Year in the Life of Jack Meadows, which was published in 2017. She continues to work on her next project, an epic fantasy tale of pirates, monsters and love lost at sea.

Today, R. L. Waterman lives in Liberia with her husband Dave, an aircraft engineer working with Mission Aviation Fellowship. She is loving life in Africa, and filling her days with writing and assisting with the work of MAF. During her free time, Rebecca loves to read a wide variety of different books, play games (of the video and board variety), explore the wonder of nature and travel as often as she gets the chance.

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